Workshop : Take your life in The Netherlands to the next level !

Do you want to take your life in the Netherlands to the next level ? This one day event  is especially designed for Expat and Repat Partners. Five workshops on personal development, career, family and language, which will inspire you to take action in 2015 !

Expart - back in the Netherlands






Date: February 5th

Time: Welcome from 8.45

Workshops from 9.30 am till 2.30 pm


Place: Bibliotheek (Library) Hilversum –

‘s Gravelandseweg 55 – Hilversum


Price: € 30 – including lunch and drinks



Workshop 1 – Discover your blueprint for happiness. By Karlijn de Broeck of Expat Partner Success

Are you making the most of your expat life? Or do you sometimes feel frustrated or sad? Do you want to truly embrace the adventure of expat living?

During this workshop you will discover your blueprint and how it impacts your happiness.

And… we’ll reveal the secret formula for long term happiness!


Workshop 2 – What are my options in the Netherlands ? By Sacha Tanis Hopmans of Expart

You are settled (back) in the Netherlands, your partner is working, kids are at school and you start thinking … What about me ? What do I want ? What are my options ?

During this workshop  we will look at motivations and options to work or find alternatives.

It will help you to start thinking about taking your life to the next level.


Workshop 3 – How to sell yourself with confidence. By Anne Galloway of  Power -to- Change

Do you want to find a job in the Netherlands or even start your own business? Either way you need to be able to sell yourself with confidence.

This workshop will give you the basis of how to create a strong personal brand that you can use either as part of your job search or in your marketing material, enabling you to take your career or new business to the next level.


Workshop 4 – How to connect with the Dutch? By Anne Woolfitt of  TAALkameleon

Living in the Netherlands and not speaking Dutch go really well together. But at a certain point you don’t want to be “a tourist” any more. You live here. You (want to) work here and you’re surrounded by Dutch and Dutchies. If you really want to get to the next level you will have to step out of your “English-comfort-zone”. The moment you understand and speak Dutch you will become part of the Netherlands and the Netherlands will become part of you. And believe me, Dutch is easier than you think!


Workshop 5 – How can I let my family get the most out of our move? By Cindy Paardekooper of Kindercoachcindy

Moving abroad can give a very positive boost to your family life. Though it can often take a while for every family member to find their new balance. I can give you some simple ideas and actions to help you and your family settle in better even after the ‘being on a holiday-feeling’ goes away. You will learn how you can build a strong base for your family life and to make this a positive experience for you, your partner and your children.

If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere!”

Take the first step NOW!