Confused, young businessman looking at many arrows pointed in different directionsLiving and working abroad can be a fantastic experience full of new possibilities but it can also present challenges. For a foreign posting to be successful it’s of utmost importance that you, the partner, finds fulfilling daily activities. You might like to continue your career, but for various reasons this might not always be possible. However, there are many other opportunities, like a job in another field, starting your own business, voluntary work or studying. Which option applies to you will not only depend on what you want, but also on the specific situation in your new host country.

On the other hand, when on repatriating to your home country you want to start working again, you might also feel like you need some guidance to find (a new) direction.

Expart offers Career coaching for expat and repat partners combined with Insight Modules which give extra information applicable to your particular situation.