International Family Fair 8th of November

What about me ? Opportunities for Expat partners

During the International Family Fair I will present the following workshop

The International family fair is for all Internationals living in the Netherlands. A fair with workshops  for expat and  their partners , a change  to meet professionals and other International families.

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When: 8th of November

Were: The Hague



Workshop Sacha Tanis-Hopmans

You’ve moved to the Netherlands for your partner’s career, the boxes are unpacked, your partner has settled into a new job, the kids have started school…and you start to think “What about me?

Sound familiar?

In this workshop, experienced career coach Sacha Tanis-Hopmans will guide you through career opportunities and alternative options for expat partners in a globally mobile life. Many expat partners hope to continue their own career following a move only to be confronted with unexpected obstacles. Sacha will guide you through the unfamiliar and the exciting, discussing options such as career change, starting your own business, voluntary work or a return to study. She will also discuss the importance of having an active – and fulfilling – life, sharing insights into how to look for new career opportunities in The Netherlands or finding meaningful, and perhaps unexpected, alternatives.

Sacha Tanis-Hopmans

Sacha is a qualified career coach/trainer, specialised in helping expats find their professional direction in a new environment. Having spent more than 12 years away from her native Holland as a ‘expat partner’ herself, Sacha has a clear understanding of the importance – and the unique challenges – of pursuing meaningful activities and/or work opportunities while away from ‘home’. As the founder and owner of Expart, Sacha combines personal experience with a professional background in recruitment, business training and coaching and now offers her expertise to expat partners here in the Netherlands. Besides Expart, she also works as a Epat Partner Expert for KIT (Royal Tropical Institute) Intercultural Professionals and works as a freelance trainer conducting MBTI (Myers Briggs Type Indicator) workshops.


Expart is your personal career guide abroad, specialising in career coaching for expat partners looking for career opportunities and a fulfilling life. Whether you are about to move abroad with a partner, currently living in The Netherlands as an expat partner or, perhaps, are finally back home after many years away, Expart is devoted to helping you find a (new) direction in your new environment. With tailor-made programs, we help people to identify their new options (job search, career change, setting up your own business…) or to look for meaningful alternatives such as volunteering work or further study.