Holidays are over: How to get back on track and stop procrastinating ?

Holidays are over: How to get back on track and stop procrastinating?

I always have mixed feelings after the summer holidays.  I hate the fact the holidays are over and I am not looking forward to the busy schedules of work, school, sports and other activities. But I do like to have some more routine again and to get back to fulfilling activities .

What about you?

I often found it hard to pick up “my life” again after the holidays.  Before the holiday I used to postpone activities, promising to pick them up when I would be back. During the holidays I would think of many things I was going to do when I was back. But by the time I was back I did not know were to start, and before I knew I was busy with “nothing”.  Meaning to say I was busy with things that did not really give me the feeling of fulfillment.

What did help me was the following:

I looked at my life in terms of key areas, I was a mother, a partner, I needed to do some sports to get positive energy and stay fit, I liked to do some voluntary work, I wanted to have to time to spend with friends, an on top of that I wanted to start my own business

My problem was, I did not have enough time to do everything I wanted. So I had to choose.

Does this sound familiar?

Looking at “my agenda” which would mainly be in my mi

nd I actually put it on paper first and used a Business Time Management grid

What is important, what is less important, and which of those are urgent which are not?

time management

I realized my agenda was full of distractions and of course everyone needs some  “distractions “as long as they are important  to you  and/or  give you fulfillment. Then distractions, which are not import should be “eliminated”.

Easier said then done!

For instance, what about the cup of coffee I drank with my friends in the morning?   Important to socialize but maybe not every morning, I decided.

What about my friends and family visiting us ?  I tried  to make clear arrangement so I would not accompany them during weekdays.

What about all the emails coming in my mailbox when I was working at the computer,? I turned of the “new email alert” and would check my mailbox only after I had finished what I was doing.

Making these choices is something you only can do your self but if you have a clear goal in mind you want to achieve it will help you to make the decisions. So I decided if I really wanted to start my own business I should eliminate distractions, set a goal , make a plan and stop procrastinating !

If you need help with any of this or with looking at what kind of business / work you would like to start you can contact me.

Sacha Tanis Hopmans from Expart