Expat in the Netherlands

You are living or moving to the Netherlands and are looking for a (new) job.

You are an expat or expat partner living in the Netherlands or maybe you are about to move here and might recognize one or more of the following situations …

  • You are looking for a job but could need some help looking at your opportunities .
  • You have already been working in the Netherlands for some time, but have decided it’s time for a change
  • You’re settled, your partner is working, the kids are at school and you are starting to think, what about me?
  • You have a busy life, full of activities but you feel something is missing


And you are now wondering…

  • What will I be able to do here
  • How can I continue my career?
  • If I am thinking about a career change, what other opportunities do I have?
  • What are my motivations and my talents and how can I use these in a new position in the Netherlands ?
  • How do I find a job?
  • I might decide not to work but I want to find fulfilling activities, what could I do ?

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